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Why companies will be built around VSCode extensions.

February 10, 2021 (Syndicated From

I believe that in the near future, certain companies will not be looking to build a iPhone app, or an android app, not a website or an e-commerce shop.

They will focus on building and deploying a VSCode extension as the core of their business. Here’s why.

Where are all the developers at?

VSCode! The all encompassing behemoth owned by Github / Microsoft / NPM. It’s at the center of their enterprise, integral to their mission. It’s microsoft’s google chrome.

A couple of months back youtuber Ben Awad recreated Instagram Stories and Tinder in VSCode, why? Who knows! Obviously it’s tongue-and-cheek, a gag, a silly experiment. But is there something really here?

Companies spend millions of dollars for software to manage their software companies splunk, new relic, pager duty, github, aws. I think that a VSCode plugin could be a viable interface to utilize these services.

Dual platform

With Github Codespaces anyone can use VSCode and VSCode extensions on the web. Which basically means if you build a VSCode extension it’s accessible as a “native app”, as well as on the web.


I think over the next couple of years we will see companies continuing the trend to inhabit the space where you write your code. To have their service running along side it, integrated to it, and I think it’s pretty exciting.