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Why I failed at starting a company.

February 9, 2021 (Syndicated From

The real reason was isolation and loneliness.

At the end of 2019 I decided to work on a project for the Martial Arts dojo I was attending. It was a membership platform. It was meant to handle recurring student dues, and manage payment processing, credit cards, etc.

When people would ask me about what I was doing, I really hated explaining it, dreading the, doesn’t XYZ do that? “My yoga studio uses XYZ and it’s pretty good.”.

I took on the react frontend and a node-graphql backend at the same time, and it was a lot of work to build. I churned and churned and had a hard time getting things done.

The relationships around me suffered. My partner was supportive and helpful but I was definitely not present with them, and I had my bouts of irritability.

It was all I thought about. I couldn’t really socially hold a conversation about anything else.

My savings was being drained, and the financial pressure would be looming over my head.

The isolation, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, lack of exercise all were a recipe for disaster.

The biggest irony is I had stopped training in martial arts because I needed to spend that time building this platform. Let me reiterate, I had gave up the thing I was most passionate about to spend time being sedentary in front of a desk.

I ended up quitting the project when I had a gotten a job opportunity. The promise of having health insurance, and an income was a weight off my shoulders.

The lesson from all of this is the need for a partner to help get you through those times, to feed each other with energy when shit is at its worst.

If you’re currently building something alone, and need someone to brainstorm with or just chat about literally anything else please reach out and we can schedule some time to chat on the phone. I would love to help anyone else struggling, perhaps I can help because I’ve been there. Contact information available