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Why you should sign-up for Lunchclub right now.

February 11, 2021 (Syndicated From

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This is a tough time for many people, including myself. I’ve been struggling deciding what the next steps in my career should be. I’m struggling with discovering what my goals are and what I want. I also feel disconnected from people, and I can imagine many of you are as well. It’s partly why I enjoy writing articles on this platform. Posting here it’s a way for me to express myself, and condense my thoughts, perhaps a way meeting people, get advice.

Enter Lunchclub, an app I discovered last year. The premise is simple, bring people together. You put in when you’re free through the week and the app sets up 1:1 meetings for those times with like-minded people, usually with a focus on data science, startups, tech, development, or programming.

Lunchclub is magical.

I fluctuate between times of being more-or-less social, but I always find when I push myself to commit to a chat, I always come out on the other side of the call feeling energized. Sometimes not all matches spark the best of conversations, but the majority are fascinating. You want to know my secret? I ask one simple question early on in the conversation.

What are you excited about?

Then I usually specify that it doesn’t need to be about work. It can be about anything. Sometimes I get the wildest responses, of people learning a new language, or doing some crazy new workout.

The magic sauce of this simple prompt is that it steers the conversation away from the classic set of questions you can always come back to later, like:

  • So, what do you do?
  • Where are you from?
  • How long have you been using Lunchclub?

Stay away from these questions, they often lead nowhere, and you shouldn’t spend more than 3 minutes talking about them. I can’t say say how many times I’ve been stuck talking about lunchclub for a half-hour. It’s a waste. I don’t want to talk about who you met on the platform.

I genuinely want to learn about you! Reach out!