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Software Engineer


February 2024Present

In February 2024 I joined Github to work on npm! Stay tuned for a fuller description in the weeks and months to come!


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Full-Stack Engineer


July 2021November 2022

As a Full-Stack Engineer at Twitter, I worked on the development and maintenance of content moderation tooling, specifically focusing on flagging and reporting content. My responsibilities included collaborating on multiple backend services written in Scala and frontend applications written in TypeScript and React. Additionally, I made contributions to a shared React UI component library to ensure standardized components across various tools. Throughout my time at Twitter, I took the initiative to develop comprehensive documentation on the inner workings of the system, benefiting both my team and new members during the onboarding process.


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Software Engineer


March 2020November 2020

At MongoDB, I worked on the Node.js Driver, an open-source NPM module. I actively engaged with our community and users, maintaining open communication to address bug reports and feature requests. My responsibilities included adding new features to the driver, ensuring its compatibility with the core MongoDB database, resolving technical debt, and fixing bugs.

TypeScriptJavaScriptMongoDBNode.jsOpen Source

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Senior Software Engineer

Hello Alfred

September 2018June 2019

At Alfred, I had the opportunity to work on several applications catering to different user groups. This included internal web-based tools for our dispatchers, a customer-facing application for end-users, and an app specifically designed for our Alfreds on the ground. My main responsibility revolved around developing web tooling used by our dispatchers to effectively communicate with Alfreds. This involved creating Node.js APIs and utilizing React Native. Notable projects I worked on included implementing zip-code validation and developing functionality for recurring item handling.

ElixirFront-endBack-endJavaScriptTypeScriptMongoDBPostgreSQLReact NativeReactNode.js

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Senior Software Engineer

American Express

August 2017August 2018

At American Express, my primary responsibility was to deliver a more personalized experience for our users. I leveraged Node.js APIs to seamlessly integrate with Angular and React front-ends, resulting in secure and robust solutions that enhanced user engagement. Additionally, I actively collaborated with cross-functional teams within the company to successfully integrate internal APIs, promoting efficient communication and fostering a spirit of cooperation.


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Senior Software Developer

ZX Ventures

January 2016August 2017

As the startup tech arm of Anheuser-Busch InBev, I played a crucial role at ZX Ventures in leveraging my expertise in the Shopify platform to build and scale multiple brands globally. Working closely with acquired teams across different countries, I spearheaded the standardization of ecommerce solutions for properties such as Bevybar, Beerhawk, and Zé, a global courier platform. My responsibilities encompassed developing Shopify API integrations, creating custom apps, and building front-end interfaces using React and Node.js. With a particular focus on payment processing, recurring payments, fulfillment centers, and inventory management, I ensured seamless operations and enhanced user experiences.


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Full-stack Developer


October 2011July 2015

At Holstee, my primary responsibility was to ensure a great shopping experience for our users. As an early adopter of the Shopify platform, I played a key role in creating a custom ecommerce theme and implementing custom API integrations with various payment processors and fulfillment centers. Additionally, I developed several publicly available Shopify apps using Node.js and JavaScript, which were accessible to users through the app store. Furthermore, I proactively addressed our customers’ needs, requests, and provided support to ensure their satisfaction.